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In this proposal, YLDF in partnership with UNICEF is seeking to to further build on the results of its previous work with women for more than 10 years, for example through its center GWCC and various programs implemented to support women and their rights (Antelak Program, Tadhafur Program, Women in Politics, Women in Conflict and many others). This program will specifically build on Antelak program that has been implemented twice to advocate for Safe Age of Marriage.


  • Strengthening identification of child marriage cases and provision of multi-sectorial response/referral services through promoting gender equality, girls’ education, legal environment and aid, alternative to marriage and improved reproductive maternal and child health.
  • Increasing awareness and knowledge of adolescents, young men, parents, religious and community leadersand communities on the adverse effects of early/child marriage and on the benefits of delaying marriage and support for keeping girls in school during adolescence.
  • Building resilience and skills: Empowering adolescents girls through providing them with knowledge, life skills, social and economic Support and access to services
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