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Enhancing access to gain a livelihood and be able to earn enough income to lead dignified lives and contribute economically to their families and communities.

1: Increased youth knowledge, attitudes, and skills required for job opportunities.

1.1 A  range of capacity building opportunities and marketable skills for decent work and income are provided.

2: Improved access to earn livelihood through self-employment and/ or wage employment

2.1 Youth entrepreneurships through lobbying, networking  is promoted ,with private sectors and related governmental entities like: chamber of commerce, ministry of trade, general authority of investment etc.

2.2 Grants and access to micro finance is provided.

2.3 Youth men and women are assisted to internship and apprenticeship opportunities.

2.4 Youth internship and job placement with employers are promoted.

3: Improved access for females entrepreneurships.

3.1 Awareness of community and relative entities on female entrepreneurships is raised.