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Youth Leadership Development Foundation will have the capacity to act as a leading organization for a safe and inclusive society during the transition period and beyond in Yemen.

Supporting the transition process and good governance in Yemen


Yemen, is one of the Arab countries that is located at the Southwestern tip of the Arabian Peninsula that has been identified by the development indicators as the lowest per capita GDP in the Arab world ($2,300) for its population of 24.7 million people. Yemen has various factors that are making it hard to be centrally governed no matter how it is desired by the ruling government due to the country's harsh terrain, strong tribal social structure, and sparsely settled population. In fact, although this supported the promotion of a more pluralistic political environment, it has hindered socioeconomic development.

Yemen Economy nearly collapsed and damaged due to the cruel political situation the country has been passing through since 2011.

In Yemen since 2011 uprising and upwards lives in conflicts and lots of  civilians are injured, killed or scattered in the streets as IDPs, the civil society was strongly presented through the different NGOs, CBOs, and youth initiatives that put on its shoulders the responsibility of serving people and working with emergency. It played different roles in humanitarian services, organizing youth movements, collecting people demand, develop projects that serve war and conflict, early recovery and also beyond the war.

Through this project YLDF aims to present a leadership model for Civil Society supporting such critical period and even after through demonstration CSOs’ role in the field of governance, fostering democracy, civic engagement, and defending peoples' rights.



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