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To empower Yemeni Youth to assume a leadership role development in Yemen.

Youth leadership program YLP 16 is a one year program that aims to build capacity for youth who are fresh graduated from high school. Specific objectives of the programs are; a) To build leadership skills for high school graduates during the gap year (when the youth stay by law a year before entering the University) by giving them many courses such as leadership skills, team management, time management , Making the decision , Persuasion and negotiation skills ,Interpersonal skills , Communication skills, dialogues management . B) To help high school graduates have better academic performance at universities, providing them with skills including: English language, digital literacy, research methodology, etc.
C) To enhance youth opportunity to have better access to Universities by providing them with special courses including: University guidance
The program also offers some seats for full scholarships and half scholarship for trainees from low income families by supporting them to have equal and better opportunities for education as other young people.
YLP contains many components: (English package, ICDL, Leadership & life skills, University Guidance, research methodology). These packages are designed to fit the oneyear study and to help trainees get access to higher education.
By the end of the program 30 young males and females are graduated with qualifications and skills that facilitate their access to universities.

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