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164 students Graduated from YLDF
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is ready to start their lives, they are qualified enough, they have many skills and wide knowledge that will assist them to face the difficulties and hard times of life” . “Because the YLDF contributes to build the society, it supports the youth to fight Financial and administrative corruption and

tries to get them involved in the public activities through which the justice and sustainable development can be achieved” Salam added. She finished her speech thanking everyone standing with and behind the youth and helps them. The celebration continued with different shows but the most remarkable one was that tells the whole world Yemen has Democracy and believes in it. In the end of the ceremony, the certificates were distributed to the students of the programs (Young women Leadership program, Young Leadership, Secretary Program and English diploma), all these programs are sponsored by British embassy, IREX, Finland embassy and UFIEM. The aim of these programs is to raise the youth\'s (male and female) participation in social, economic and political fields through training and educating them in leadership and various life skills.

Date: 27th April, 2009
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